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DOB 2016

About US

Hello, my name is Tyler Hoffman. I'd like to introduce myself as the owner and operator of Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania. You may recall, between 2002 and 2010, Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania was soley owned and operated by Lori Weitkamp (Herrold) - she is my mother.

In 2010, my mother approached me with the question, whether or not I would like to take over. She had made some career changes over the past few years and has decided to go back to what she enjoys most - helping people. Now, working for a local non-profit organization, her time has been consumed and her passion for helping those in need, rejuveniated.

When I decided to take the responsibility of ownership, I have also adopted the same business approach that has been well established here at Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania. With the help of my wife (Lauren) and our two sons (Wesley & Finnegan), we will continue what has been started.‍‍‍

In the past, I have worked alongside of my mother to help with the delivery of puppies and general welfare of our doodles. The same love that was initiated in 2002 will carry on for many years to come.

Not a Kennel

We do not have a kennel, as we are a small breeder. Our dogs live in our home or carefully selected guardian homes. We feel it is vital to have all of our dogs treated and pampered as pets even though, yes, they are also breeding stock. Our guardian families provide on going socialization, human companionship, and lots of love and attention to our breeding dogs. Our labradoodles in guardian homes, stay with us while they are being bred, and while they are birthing and raising their puppies. They return to their guardian families between 4-5 weeks - once the puppies are weaned.

Australian Labradoodles desire to be social and they crave mental stimulation, to exercise their high intelligence and intuitiveness. Our guardian program compliments and enhances the needs of our dogs as we feel it is the best alternative to promote healthy, social and emotionally sound labradoodles . The guardian program also prepares our breeding stock with the ability to pass on all the fantastic attributes of the labradoodle to their puppies, which is gained by living in a family atmosphere.

Our Gizmo is the daughter of our Peanut and Eden Valley's Timber. She weighs approximately 27 lbs and is 18 inches to the shoulder. She has a non-shedding chocolate wool coat with parti-markings. Gizmo loves to play ball, catch the frizbee and go on special outings to the ball park. She lives with her guardian family, the Hoffman's.

Our Breeding Stock

Our Minnie is the daughter of our Willa and Eden Valley's Koko. She weighs approximately 14 lbs and is 14 inches to the shoulder - a true mini. She has a silky non-shedding fleece coat. Minnie loves to play ball for endless hours and spend time snuggling with her guardian family -Zuki (the Yorkie) and the Fregm's.

Doodle Info

Our Sibil is the daughter of our Gizmo and Ivy Lane's Laguna. She weighs approximately 25 lbs and is 18 inches to the shoulder. She has a non-shedding black wool coat with parti-markings. Our Lady Sibil enjoys playing with her doodle brother Flint Jr. and walks through the golf course with her guardian family, the Blumhards.

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Made in the USA

Our passion drives us to excel the breed standard of the Australian Labradoodle. We will strive to promote healthy, allergy friendly family companions that will provide years of unconditional love; while working in conjunction with adoptive families and other breeders.

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