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Application Request

Initiating the adoption process can begin by requesting an application. We will send you an application to review and complete. Once you are committed to the adoption process, kindly send the completed application via email so that we can review it!


Steps of the Process


Submission & Review

Once we have received your application, we will review it and determine if we can fulfill your requests based on the initial information contained within. If we feel that we can match your requests, we will then kindly request a deposit to secure a puppy from an upcoming litter.


Deposit & Wait List

After your deposit has been received we will promptly provide you a receipt. You have now been officially added to the waitlist!

We sell our Australian Labradoodles, purchased as pets, for $3,500 plus 6% PA sales tax. As you may have discovered, Australian Labradoodle puppies range in price; anywhere from $2750.00 to $4000.00.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Screening (OFA eyes, hips, elbows, patellas, heart) for both parents
  • A Standard two-year Health Guarantee for the puppy
  • Pediatric Spay/Neuter or Spay/Neuter Rebate
  • Paid AKC Microchipping and registration
  • 1st Veterinary Well-check & 1st Set of Vaccinations
  • 3 rounds of Worming
  • 3 Generational ALAA Pedigree
  • A Lifelong Commitment from Us
  • A Puppy Pack (Health Records, 1st Month's Flea/Tick & Heartworm Medication, 1 week of Suggested Food etc.)

Most families prefer to pick-up their puppy in person, but some elect to ship/transport their puppy. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Hi Tyler,
Hope all is well with you and your family. Wanted to provide a little update on Libby. She is a really, really smart and good dog. Great personality and completely adorable. She got the potty bells idea basically immediately and I think has had only two accidents in house or crate in last month or more. She knows her name, come, sit, down (as in lay down), shake, stay, wait, okay(as release from stay or wait at door when we open the door) and no! We start puppy obedience tomorrow evening.

Best to you and thanks for choosing the dog for our family, Mary Waggoner

Hi Tyler,
Remember me? My name is Sophie and I was born 1 year ago today. I want to thank you for giving such a great start in life and finding my new Mom and Dad. I love them and they love me. I am happy, healthy, friendly, and playful. I have tried to be a good girl and have learned a lot. Mom and put a bell next to the door and I ring it when I want to go out. I have never messed in my crate and never wake up Mom and at night or in the morning. Still have some things to brush up on. My puppy school trainer said I did very well. Only problem is I am to friendly. Not a bad problem to have, but I have to learn to control myself. I have a nice fenced in yard to play in and love to chase tennis balls and chew on my nylabones. I love to ride in the car with Mom and Dad. Trips to Pet Smart and Lowes are always fun. Tyler, I am doing well and love my new home and my Mom and Dad. Thank you for the great start in life. Things are good here in Delaware.

Love, Sophie (as dictated to Steve & Kathy Chambers)

Hi Tyler and Peanut,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Ellie. She's just wonderful! We just love her. She's growing by leaps and bounds. Full of energy and kisses. She's now sleeping through the night in her kennel. Whines when she has to go out. It took a little while for our Maltese to warm up to her. Lizzy would sit with her back to her inside and even outside in the yard. It was quite comical. But now they play together and run all over the place. Ellie really loves our son's lab though. They bonded right away. We are very very happy with her. We're off to the vet on Monday and I'll keep you posted.

Thank you so much.
Don't worry Peanut. We are taking good care of your girl!!

The Shakely Family


We have had our sweet boy for a whole week! It's hard to believe. We are all totally in love, even Cocoa!!! Baxter is doing great...playing fetch and bringing the rope/ball back 90% of the time and going to the front door when he needs to go outside. Kennel is ok at night and during day but not when we leave the house. I'm sure he will get used to that! He's met lots of new people, and was the star of our family birthday this past weekend!!

So glad we found you guys...these are the most wonderful dogs!!
Thanks and hope all is well and you are enjoying a much deserved break!!

Scott and Megan Treml

Hi Tyler,

It was a great day picking up Bailey and meeting you and your family. Bailey has been doing great. He was a little bit stressed the first half of the car ride home, but settled down after a while. He is very affectionate and well behaved. He is taking to his crate and has been very good about going outside. He seems very smart, knows his little neighborhood and our house already. He seems right at home.

Best regards,

Sosa Family

Hi Tyler,

Just wanted to check in and tell you how much we love our Penny girl! She has truly been a dream dog! Her temperament is amazing! Everyone comments on how "chill" she is for a puppy, but she is also fun and playful too. The best thing about her is that she is so cuddly and always has her head in a lap or is curled up next to someone. She loves other dogs, but is a little shy around people. She reminds me of one of my kids, who was okay with others approaching her as long as I was standing right next to her :). Anyway, I am taking her lots of places and for rides in the car to help socialize her. She has never wet the crate at night and slept thru the night by the third night from 8pm to 7am. She is doing great with crate training and potty training too. She has adjusted to our busy life so well and she is so attached to all five of us. Just wanted to tell you what a great job you did with her and that I am a strong supporter of this breed. For our family's first dog, we couldn't be happier! Hope you and your family are well! Thanks again!

The Bacon Family!

Dear Australian Labradoodles of PA,

We got our lovely and sweet labradoodle from you in August of 2009. We named her Rosebud. I just wanted to update you that she passed the Therapy Dog test through Therapy Dog International recently. She LOVES working and waits by my car in the morning waiting to get there for the day. She is working with children in my office (I am a pediatric sub-specialist). It is amazing how much easier my job is with anxious and nervous children when she is around. It seems like when she is visiting with patients she really understands her job and is on her very best behavior! Of course the children at home adore her and she just won second place in the Designer Dog category at our local dog show (she won 1st a few years ago).

Thanks for such a great dog!

Meredith Loveless

We get stopped everywhere we go because everyone wants to meet Tucker and is curious about what kind of dog he is. Probably the nicest compliment we have received is from the instructor at our training class. She told us that Tucker has the nicest coat out of any dog she has seen. She could tell that he came from very good breeding stock. Not to mention that they all just love Tucker's personality. And he was the star pupil of his beginner obedience class. We won 4 of 7 competitions at our graduation night and we are already onto the advanced class- which will prepare us for our Good Citizens Test.

I will try to send you a picture soon. Tucker is growing quickly- he weighs 24 pounds and he is perfect size. We just love him to pieces and I must say- you gave us exactly the dog we were looking for!

Hope all is well with your crew and I will keep in touch. Tucker sends you lots of licks!

Jana and Joe Killar

My husband and I had been searching for a dog for the family. When my husband came across information on the Australian Labradoodle, we were intrigued. Through her website, we contacted Lori. We told her we were looking for a family dog with a good temperament. Lori was very nice and answered all our questions. She even invited us to meet her adult dogs. Once we met them we knew this was the breed for us. We named our dog True Blue long before he was born. Imagine our surprise when we found out that the puppy Lori had selected for us was marked with a blue ribbon around his neck!

I have read that labradoodles are often used as therapy dogs. I can see why... They come by it naturally. We knew our kids were going to love Blue. What we weren't expecting was the effect he would have on my dad. My parents were married 56 years. My mom's passing last year devastated dad and he has spent much of the last year depressed. He is in his 80's and very sedentary, always agreeing he needs to move more but never doing. When we brought Blue home it was nothing short of a miracle. Dad and Blue became fast friends. Dad will walk around the yard with him and throw balls to him. He laughs at all his puppy antics. If Dad is around you can count on Blue sitting under his chair. I've even seen Blue sleeping with his head resting on Dad's shoe and Dad afraid to move for fear of waking him. What started as a search for a family pet has ended with a "true blue" friendship that I know will sustain my dad for years to come! Priceless!

Working with Lori to adopt True Blue has been a very positive experience. So much so that we plan to adopt another. Wonderful dogs - Wonderful breeder.

Dave and Carol Standish

We were so fortunate to find ‘Australian Labradoodles in PA’. They wonderful people who definitely care about the Labradoodles, and the families that adopt them. We had researched “allergy-friendly” dogs for over a year, and knew we hit the jackpot when we found Lori as she suffers from acute allergies herself. Lori was extremely helpful during the entire adoption process; very forthcoming with information and patient with all of the questions we had.

Our little Cosmo is 12-weeks old now, and growing very quickly. He is such a lovable and cuddly little boy, who loves to give kisses, enjoys snuggling up to you when he sleeps, loves belly rubs and romping in the grass. Cosmo is so soft! He has a beautiful fleece coat, does not shed, and doesn’t have a doggy smell -- even when he’s wet. He loves to be around people, and will come looking for you if you’re out of eyesight. One of the truly best things in life is to come home and be greeted by Cosmo. His whole behind shakes when he wags his tail, because he is just so excited to see you. He loves us unconditionally, and we feel so blessed that we are his “mommy” and “daddy”. Cosmo is our ray of sunshine!

Happy doodling!
The Sagosz’

I am so delighted to be Mindy's mom. She is so beautiful, lovable & intelligent. She is everything you could desire in a puppy. She has such a great personality & disposition. She has great parents & will probably be the size of her daddy, Flint. She is now 15.4 lbs. with large paws. Just love her so. She loves Kindergarten & loves to romp with the other dogs. Housebreaking is coming...The bells are enticing at times & she thinks they are toys. She'll catch on, I am sure as she is so smart in every other respect.

Thanks for a great breeding,
Lorraine Turanick (Mindy's mom)

Frankie has been, making our lives better, just being around him. Even though he goes to sleep under our bed at first, sometime in the night, We'll feel these two paws, waking us up enough to haul this special "critter" up to our bed. Thank you for Frankie, he is a delight!

Deedie & Jack York

After Christmas of 2006, my husband told me my job was to find us four legs and a tail to love. I did my homework and found the beautiful breed of Labradoodles. We were so drawn to Lori, due to her ethics and values she shares in the breeding process. We were blessed with Izzie May, and the experience has been blissful. Izzie is not only a gorgeous dog but smart, playful and most willing to love you with her unending kisses. Izzie is now 10 weeks old and learning new tricks and commands everyday. She's a puppy who wants to share herself; and through her eyes we appreciate the little things in life we take for granted. Lori has been so helpful and supportive with her tips in bring-up-puppy. What I've learned is patience is truly a virtue, and "think like a toddler". She's a Gift!!

The Liscos

Elsa Rose is now 17 months old and is our little sunshine. She loves everyone she meets and always has kisses to share. She now weighs 24 pounds and has beautiful, soft curls. She loves to play with her toys but especially loves to go for long walks.

I can't imagine life without Elsa, and I'm sure Lori's love and great care (along with her family) helped to develop Elsa's wonderful personality. Lori has become a dear friend and is one of the kindest people I know. I would never hesitate to recommend one of her puppies. Elsa is definitely a little blessing from heaven!

With love,
Cathy Beshore

We were blessed with a wonderful puppy which we named Scampy. He is a puppy from Flint and Scarlett. My family suffers from asthma and allergies. Once I discovered the Australian Labradoodle I knew that this breed would be perfect for us. The non-shedding coat was a wonderful plus. I came across Lori's web site and she was fantastic about answering any questions that I had. I was pleased with the whole adoption process. Lori was great about keeping everyone updated throughout the whole process. Scampy is the most wonderful dog. He has brought our family so much joy. It feels like we have had him forever. He has become a true member of our family. Scampy has a great disposition and is fantastic with our kids. He has a beautiful fleece coat that is fun to cuddle. He has been learning very quickly. I highly recommend working with Lori in adopting an Australian Labradoodle.

Kathi Kaier

Jewel has been a wonderful dog. People are always stopping us to ask what kind of dog she is. She loves to catch balls and frisbees, play fetch, and chase our two sons and tackle them. She also loves to take our sons' socks and gloves and make them chase her. She is very affectionate. She even kissed our plumber! She is incredibly graceful and light on her feet. She weighs 26 pounds, and is slim and tall. Just like the boys, she loves to play in the snow.

The Yaffe Family

Well, this weekend marks one year since we picked up our puppy! We can't believe it has been a year, although those housetraining days seem like a long time ago. We really love Shadow, he is everything we thought a dog would be for our family. The kids love him so much and he makes them smile and laugh everyday! He is the perfect size for us, and the perfect temperament.

We look forward to many happy years with our adorable doggie!

The Cadigan Family

As a proud owner of a labradoodle puppy from Fiona and Flint, our puppy, Colby, is around six months old and simply a joy to own! He joined our family in the beginning of July and right from the beginning was the cutest most lovable dog I have had the honor to own. He is very smart and wants to follow me around and watch everything I do. You can tell that he is really trying to understand everything in the human world. From the vacume cleaner, to the TV (which he really watches with us every night!) he looks right at you and tries to figure it all out. He is my constant companion and is wonderful with our two daughters ages 11 and 8. He is the most cuddly and loving dog I have ever owned and that's saying a lot because I owned two wonderful Labrador retrievers (a male and a female) who my family and I loved dearly. His coat and size are great because you can hold him in your lap and run your fingers through his amazingly soft coat. People are constantly commenting at how soft he is (and he does not shed at all). He was a star pupil at puppy kindergarten which he just finished and honestly was probably the best puppy in the class. I have even signed him up for a puppy agility class (where the puppies get to go over little jumps) because I know how much he will love it. He was trained on our invisible fence in 4 days and the trainer from the invisible fence company said he was the smartest dog she ever trained. Needless to say we couldn't be happier (and feel very lucky) that we were able to get one of Lori's very special puppies. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Good luck you are in for a fun time with a labradoodle puppy from Lori !

We have Flint Jr. who is 6 months old and from Flint and Fiona's litter. My husband saw Flint, who is so kind and gentle and he wanted one just like him. Flint Jr. is just like his dad. He is the sweetest dog. He is gentle, loving, and playful. He is also very affectionate. I have 2 boys, 13 yrs old and 10 yrs. old. Flint jr. is wonderful with them. He greets them when they get home from school, lies on his back and wants a tummy scratch. I am so thankful we have him.

Lisa Blumhard and family

Lori exudes the love of her work with Labradoodles.

It is obvious that Lori's main concern is for the health and welfare of her dogs and puppies. Our Vet remarked, "Moxie is in excellent health, it is obvious the breeder took excellent care of her puppies."

Lori fulfilled all her commitments and has responded quickly to all my e-mails and phone calls.

Lori did an outstanding job of matching a puppy with our family. Moxie is exactly the temperament and qualities we were looking for, especially since we plan on include him in our dog therapy work.

Carol and Ray Stutzman and family

As Lucy approaches her one year birthday we wanted to update you on how wonderful this dog is. We picked Lucy up July 4th weekend last year and I can honestly say she was easy to housebreak. With the crate training and the early training that you gave her, this was perhaps the easiest chore to accomplish. Lucy has a wonderful disposition and she genuinely loves life. It’s a pleasure to have her as an added member of our family, as she brings a lot of love to us and our friends. She has been very healthy and good natured, in general. Thanks again for breeding our Labradoodle, which has added so much love and enjoyment in our household.

My best always,
David Leinhoff and family


Adopting a puppy is a commitment. We believe that finding the right puppy takes time and consideration. Therefore, we utilize 3 elements to find you a puppy - Application Submission Seniority, Application Content and Temperament Testing. Families are notified of their puppy match at 6 weeks of age (point at which the Temperament Testing is confirmed). **Male Vs. Female: In our experience, as well as many other doodle breeders, temperament and behavior is not linked to the sex of a doodle.**

When puppies are 6 weeks of age, we confirm temperament and email you a photo and description of your puppy. We allocate puppies based on the 3 elements mentioned above. A final pick-up date (between week 8 and before week 9) will be arranged at this time. Final payments for puppies are due prior to pick-up.

We have used this allocation process since 2002 and feel confident that this process will ensure a "goodness of fit". Please visit our Referral section and hear what families have to say about their puppies!

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Our passion drives us to excel the breed standard of the Australian Labradoodle. We will strive to promote healthy, allergy friendly family companions that will provide years of unconditional love; while working in conjunction with adoptive families and other breeders.

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