Welcome, my, name is Tyler Hoffman. I'd like to introduce myself as the owner and operator of Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania. You may recall, between 2002 and 2010, Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania was soley owned and operated by Lori Honeychurch(Herrold) - she is my mother.

In 2010, my mother approached me with the question, whether or not I would like to take over the business. She has made some career changes over the past few years and has decided to go back to what she enjoys most - helping people. Now, working for a local non-profit organization, her time has been consumed and her passion for helping those in need, rejuveniated.

When I decided to take the responsibility of ownership, I have also adopted the same business approach that has been well established here at Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania. With the help of my wife (Lauren) and my son (Wesley), we will continue what has been started.

In the past, I have worked alongside of my mother to help with puppies, deliveries and general welfare of our doodles. The same love that was initiated in 2002 will carry on for many years to come.

image courtesy of Sweet Pea Photography

Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania's past history circa 2002:

My name is Lori Herrold and Australian Labradoodles in Pennsylvania is located in York County (South Central Pennsylvania). Our love of labradoodles was initiated in the year 2002, when we first imported our dogs from Australia. After many years of working in medicine, I have embraced my passion and created a different avenue in which I am also able to help people. I suffer from acute allergies and asthma to canines, and that set in motion my quest to be able to introduce this breed to other people that share the same diagnoses, which may have prevented them from ever owning a dog.

My son Tyler, has also incorporated his talents by designing my website, and our other children contribute with their puppy socialization skills. Hence breeding labradoodles has become a family venture, with God’s help and guidance we have been able to share our enthusiasm. Our sincerity through diligence, dedication, and desire to enhance the Australian Labradoodle we hope will be recognized by you as well as our previous families.

I am proud to be an accredited breeder and early member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (formally, the International Labradoodle Association). I also serve as a committee member of the "Pet Services Committee" for the organization. The Australian Labradoodle Association of America, is an international registry created to preserve and enhance the Australian Labradoodle.

We also keep abreast of updated health information through being a member of the International Veterinarian Information Service. Utilizing "Leaders Heights Veterinarian Hospital" located in York, PA, promotes outstanding routine health services for all of our adult dogs and our puppies. Dr Carla Narducci is our Veterinary Theriogenologist (reproduction specialist) located in Morgantown Pennsylvania who's expertise maintains the health and enables us to provide reproductive services for our breeding dogs.

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